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Help homeless Children

 We self fund a safe house for homeless children in a city and rural Area. We provide refuge, medical care, food, comfort and education. Links are made to reunite the children with their families or alternatively to find good foster homes. A successful outcome for each child depends on long term support and counseling to […]

01 Jan

Help the disable Child

The Elderly and Poor is a national charity organization working with children and young people with physical and learning disabilities and their parents and carers.

01 Jan

Help the orphans

In the common use, an orphan does not have any surviving parent to care for him or her. However, the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF), Joint United Nations Programme on HIV

01 Jan

Help the elderly

We support every elderly‚ by ensuring that they get the most from life.  We provide essential services such as gift, facilities, Food, outing, cleaning and information.