Investing in young people

01 Jan

Investing in young people

youngThe elderly and the poor is currently accepting applications from young individuals with excellent business idea for the year 2012. We at  EAP are proud to invest  in young people with brillant ideas, we recently invested in untamed closet/boutique owned by a popular Nollywood actor Jim Iyke (WE ARE SOLE INVESTOR). We are hoping to invest in projects that are viable and hope to see our young brilliant people prosper.

The investment available varies depending on your age and nature of the project. Please contact us for more information.

What can young people expect?

  •     The EAP will arrange a face-to-face meeting to talk through your project ideas and budget
  •     Your application for Investment will be decided by our independent panel
  •     If successful, we will pay the funds in installments and review your spending before releasing the next payment
  •     At the end of your project we will arrange an evaluation meeting with you

Are you eligible?

You can apply if you are:

  •     aged 18–30 already completing an apprenticeship
  •     aged 31–45 but newly graduated from the University, self employed or already in Business.

Projects must:

  •     be set-up and run by you and your friends
  •     benefit your local community
  •     develop new skills for your future.

 Projects cannot:

  •     involve overseas travel or projects
  •     be used as a fundraiser for charity
  •     fund trips and outings unless there is educational value
  •     help spread religious or political views.

How to apply
Contact us