Help the disable Child

01 Jan

Help the disable Child

The Elderly and Poor is a national charity organization working with children and young people with physical and learning disabilities and their parents and carers. We help to transform young lives by removing the barriers to independence.

Help them develop Skills
We help them develop skills for employment or community participation tha will also help them grow in self-esteem. Work related learning is not only about getting jobs. Our charity focuses on children’s abilities, providing a positive, supportive environment in which to develop confidence.

Educate the Public against discrimination
We also aim to help educate the public on discrimination against the disable…to say we protect the disable from being treated unfairly

Wheelchairs and mobility equipment

Our charity provides young people up to the age of 26 with mobility equipment such as sophisticated powered wheelchairs; giving disabled children full participation in life’s activities. Unlike other charities, Action For Kids Charitable Trust doesn’t merely supply the equipment: we also offer a maintenance program to keep equipment working.

Work Related Learning
Frequently disabled children and young people are denied access to and participation in the world of work. Through our Work Related Learning programme, students do real work in our office such as processing our raffle. Rather than being the recipients of charity themselves, they do charitable work to help others.