Habiba Abubakar Calls For Military Coup In Nigeria

17 Apr

Habiba Abubakar Calls For Military Coup In Nigeria

Hajia Habiba Abubakar said this while Speaking with Naija Center News (NCN) She said: “I Say Goodluck Jonathan is Insane over 2015 Elections that nothing matters to him any more.

“Goodluck Jonathan is a disaster to Nigeria as a whole. 200 People bombed in Abuja, 200 young children taken in their sleep to unknown destination and yet this PDP heartless leader could still go out campaigning and even dancing.”

She called on Nigerian Generals, Major Generals, Air Marshall, Admirals to do everything within their powers to overthrow Jonathan’s administration, who she said does not have feelings for its people.

Habiba said that President Jonathan is heartless, careless for the common man in Nigeria and gradually turning Nigeria into Pakistan, Afghanistan, Sudan and Somalia.

“Where are those Nigerian Generals, and Major Generals, Air-visa Marshall, rare Admirals please come out and over throw this government who has no feelings for its people, who careless about the common man in Nigeria, please come and over throw this government who are heartless, they are slowly turning Nigeria in to Pakistan, Afghanistan , Sudan and Somalia”, she said.

She berated the President for dancing in Kano while Nigeria was heartbroken.

“Look at them dancing in Kano, they dare not go to Kano alone they had to import people from neighbouring States to make it look they are welcomed, funny. This people are animals first class with their big stomachs full of evil dancing!! Did you hear me dancing!!!!!!!

“Three people were short in a School in America, Obama was on air condoling the families,and offering support to the community, cancelled all his plans for the day to pay respect to them, but Jonathan and his people are dancing in Kano.

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