Battling Terrorism: A Tale Of Two Leaders

15 Jan

Battling Terrorism: A Tale Of Two Leaders

No one could have said it better than the frontline arrowhead of the #BringBackOurGirls campaign leader, Dr. Obi Ezekwesili, former Minister of Education, In one of her latest tweets where she said it has been proven for all to see that the whole world stood still for Paris when it was attacked by the Kouachi brothers who stormed the media house CharlieHebdo on Wednesday killing 12 people.

That same day, the headed Boko Haram group stormed Baga, Borno state killing hundreds of people.  In France, the president, Francoise Hollande dropped everything and made an instant visit to Paris to condole and identify with his people and promised to bring the perpetrators to justice, you might say that is leadership.

Here in Nigeria, the lives lost at Baga on the same day meant nothing to president Jonathan who still went ahead with the official take-off of his presidential campaign, without a mention of the incident let alone remembering the departed souls of his fellow Nigerians, obviously getting back into office for him is more important than the lives lost in Baga or the safety of the North East.

To further cap this indifference and carefree attitude towards his subject, behold, president Jonathan sent out message of solidarity to President Hollande for the terrorist act, still no word from him concerning Baga; yet another level of leadership you did say.

The world spoke with one voice #jesuisCharlie, in about 52 hours, France and indeed Paris heaved a sigh of respite when those responsible for the dastard acts were taken out after a faceoff with the police during an episode of hostage taking. Over 265 days and still counting, the Chibok girls are still being held hostage while Boko Haram seems to be getting relevant and more daring by the day.

One of the concerned citizens of Nigeria who is so bitter with the situation of things in Nigeria, Hajia Habiba Abubakar took to social media to condemn the inhuman attitude of the president of Nigerian, Goodluck Ebele Jonathan.

“The drama in Paris is over with the death of the Kouachi brothers. The entire country almost came to a standstill over the death of 17 people while a bomb blast killed over 100 in Maiduguri Market but our President Goodluck Jonathan and his party members are out there campaigning for 2015. What do we do? What is wrong with our leaders that they are these heartless? I am getting headaches thinking about how Nigeria will be a better place for all of us. Can’t he halt or postpone the campaign for just a day or two, visit those affected in the blast and provide a shoulder to cry on? Is this the kind of leader Nigeria wants? Maybe I am wrong! May Allah forgive them.”

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