Habiba Abubakars Latest award by Nigerian Students (NANS)

25 Jun

Habiba Abubakars Latest award by Nigerian Students (NANS)

Habiba Abubakar’s latest award by (NANS) national association of Nigerian students, as trail blazer commander of the Nigerian students (cons) and Aluta 5- star general.

National Union of Nigerian Students (NUNS) was a students’ union bringing together Nigerian students both within Nigeria and across the diaspora.

NUNS was founded in 1956, following structural changes in the West African Students’ Union. It brought together student councils in Ife, Zaria, and Nsukka.

In April 1978, Nigerian students were faced with the imposition of increased fees, and NUNS participated in a series of Campus protests across the whole of Nigeria. The government responded by sending in the army and police, leading to the death or serious wounding of over twenty students. Three universities were closed and NUNS was banned. Several university staff and students were dismissed.