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There are limitless ways you can offer to donate to or support us helps us plan for the future. Contact us for details
Corporate Partnerships – Thanks to our dedicated and loving work over the years , We have a history and expertise in building corporate partnerships. While raising money for Our projects we also do our best to meet the business and public relations goals of our partner companies. We work with industry leaders who intend to make the Our partnership a long-term investment, one that will expand over time to create greater beneficial outcomes for the companies we partner with and the communities we serve.
Legacies – a legacy in your Will can provide a happy and secure childhood for Orphans in the future.Adding your voice – You can influence government policy through effective communication with your elected officials, the media and other influential leaders. Letters, e-mails and petitions from our supporters help keep issues in the spotlight so politicians feel the pressure to act.Raise Money in your School or Community – You can help Our cause by raising money in your school or community. Not only will less privilege benefit from your fund raising activities, but they will also benefit because you will have helped to spread the word about the work that we do.
Sponsor a Project – There are so many things involved when running and maintaining a home for thousands of destitute and abandoned people, it truly is a work which requires focus and intention. We would be so pleased to hear of any of your ideas for sponsoring a project, or you can email us:

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