Exchange Boko Haram Wives, Children for Chibok girls, Habiba Abubakar tells Mr President

In view of Mr presidents proposed  amnesty to Boko Haram members, The Federal government should consider releasing the Boko Haram's wives and children for Chibok girls,  in the interim if Boko Haram refused the offer by Mr President.

We should remember that in 1962 when PLO was granted observer status in the UN general Assembly the President of PLO Yasser Arafat gave Israel  opportunity to make  a choice between peace and war, where he carried an olive  branch on right hand and a gun symbolically on the left hand and Israel refused to accept either. Also is narrated in one of the Hadith that when ever Prophet Mohammed PBUH was sending his Army for war he use to worn the troops not to kill women, children, and Animals and also not to destroy  crops, fruits, so in my opinion the children and wives of Boko Haram should be released in Exchange  for the Chibok girls.

Even the most powerful nation on earth America mediate with terrorist,  Just two days ago the US exchanged one America prisoner held for five years for five Taliban's, held at Guantanamo.  Please let us start this exchange for this girls to return to there families.